GlowWay: Getting out of your comfort zone

In the context we’re living in, transformation, reinventing ourselves it’s more than an option. Adaptability it’s made for stronger minds. Defines who evolutes, who survives. During the time, it has been proven that, even in the animal world, the ones that succeed at it are the ones who see the opportunity in the change. In the business world it also happens. That’s the case of today’s guest at Wordans, Francisco Jose Perez, from Córdoba (Spain), who out of the pandemic he started his own fashion brand. His career began in the grape harvest, and his close connection to this world inspired him to commercialise with the product, and now, to create another company. He defines himself as someone restless that loves traveling. He also has an enormous will to progress in life. Friend of his friends and very determined. We invite you, once again, to explore his brand  GlowWay, as well as his path.

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Francisco, you started with a cava business. In which moment did you decide to extend your business range to the apparel industry? Why?

As you pointed out, when I was young I used to work in the grape harvest in a small family business that belongs to a close friend of mine. One day, with another friend that’s a PR in some famous clubs in Madrid, we realized that there was a huge opportunity there to promote the cava and at the same time giving a chance to the national product in our country. So we started in Madrid and later on we introduced our cava in Marbella too. With my partner, we own a community of goods. As you can imagine, due to the current situation, the night life is on “standby” right now, so we decided it was time to try something new. So we came up with this project created with the intention of growing it within a year. We decided to integrate this activity in our group, with the idea of reinventing ourselves. And everything became real at the beginning of this year.


What does your logo mean?

At the beginning it was the first letter of the three founders’ names, but now we decided to change the logo. We wanted a differentiation and we saw that there are similar logos to that one we were previously using. That’s why we’ve been working on a new logo that we’re presenting at Wordans right now: a broken egg. The meaning is getting out of your comfort zone.


Who’s your target audience?

Our brand is oriented to people with curiosity, that loves traveling. The initial idea was linking the marketing with some travel pack, maybe in the future, when it’s possible to travel again. We want it to be sustainable, so we’re also looking to reach eco-friendly people.


Why did you choose Wordans for your brand?

As I just mentioned, we were looking for organic garments, and we weren’t able to find a supplier that offered that, including quality, until we found Wordans. As soon as we contacted your company we were impressed by your customer service. We’re very happy with the attention and service we receive from you guys.


What do you love the most about your job?

I have an entrepreneurial spirit. It’s my passion. I always knew. Doing what I love with two close friends it’s amazing. I also work in banking but it’s not as rewarding as my side jobs.


How do you see yourself in 3 years?

Evolving. With my feet on the ground. Starting to expand in our area quickly, taking off. Short term, shape it and give it visibility. Having a wide product range. Maybe introducing it in multi-brand stores. In Granada we already have an agreement with a store. So within 3 years, I’d like to grow in Andalucia territory.


What advice would you give to someone that wants to start?

That you only live once. You always have time to work for others. That’s important to follow your vocation. To be nonconformist. Dare, and don’t keep this “what could have happened if…” feeling. And overall believing in your idea.


After this interview, you can see that’s always a good time to improve and reinvent yourself and your business. Being creative and daring to invest in what you want in life it’s something that has no price. If you have doubts on creating your own business but haven’t decided yet, we aim you to be as brave as Francisco and start your own business now! Go to and explore our wide range of products. You can also find inspiration on our Instagram @wearewordans and check GlowWay out.

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