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I’m sure you’ve heard the expression “dare to be different” before. Have you ever wondered what the phrase means? If you answered no, you probably don’t like change. Being unique does not necessarily imply that you are doing something novel because someone else has the same ideas you do. The difference is mainly in the tweaks put in and creating a “mansion” out of the concepts.

As a business owner, developing strategies for your merchandise should be a part of your daily routine, as it will significantly impact your business growth. Sometimes all you need is yourself to make your plan work. However, having a well-executed plan requires a lot of help from others. They say that two heads are better than one; correctly choosing things and who to leverage on equals business growth, which results in an exciting growth story.

Racking your brains and putting your ideas on paper is not antiquated, which is why we at the Wordans and are imploying you to create your merchandise with us. So let us play the role of the “second head.”

With the following, you can create your merchandise with Wordans:

But, first, identify the needs of your customers:

Knowing your customers’ needs and most desired clothing will influence your purchasing capacity and selection. Likewise, your shopper’s choice knowledge will help you.

Stock/Create the perfect design for your customers:

It is common knowledge that the world is diverse and multifaceted, full of creatives and non-creatives, simple and bogus, formal and informal, alternative fashion, and different tastes in clothing. As a result, your store should serve as a one-stop-shop for all.

Order your clothing, both customized and non-customized:

After considering the preceding, the next step is to stock your store with clothing in various shapes and sizes, colours, and styles to suit your customers, both customized and non-customized. But where do you find all of these things? The same way you want your store to be a one-stop-shop, your supplier should be as well. I’m sure you don’t want to be exhausted just from stocking your store. It is worth noting that you can have your products directly customized by Wordans. Purchase and personalize. So slick!

Consider the following brandable product for your business;

Custom short sleeve T-shirt

The popularity of T-shirts has spread far and wide. It is appropriate for everyone and is ideal for a variety of occasions. Anvil Midweight Short-Sleeve T-Shirt from Wordans makes it simple to create a branded t-shirt. The T-shirt with a rip-away label is made of 100% cotton. This product is of good quality and comes in a variety of colors for unisex grownups. Depending on the aesthetic, this will work for any event. Explore the casual short-sleeved tees!


Personalized Women’s T-shirt

Building a brand with a product that you can customize in different colors, suitable for all body types, is a relief for store owners. If you’ve been looking for a women’s t-shirt made of 100 % cotton and remarkable finishing quality, you should strongly consider the Gildan 64000L – Ladies’ Softstyle T-Shirt of the Wordans. This product is available in different sizes; presently, we offer a 74% discount on each buy. Good quality at the best rate; tell me why you want to miss out on these delectable collections.


Brandable Unisex Jersey Tees

Unisex Jersey T-shirts are appropriate for various styling options, including alternative, semi-formal, and sporty looks; they are a perfect purchase; the same is  Ideal for custom printing in a variety of popular colors. We recommend the Wordans American Apparel – Unisex Fine Jersey Tee, and It is easy to create your brand with this T-shirt as it comes in good quality and the best price made of 100% cotton. So do well to check them out.





In addition,  personalized products that stand out are made possible by leveraging the above from Wordans, as they tick all the boxes required to create your own merchandise. It gets even better when you learn that we offer free shipping on orders over $129 at the moment! For more information, visit  and follow us on our Instagram page @wearewordans. In addition, you can submit a bulk request via the website.

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