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The holiday is over, but life goes on; the vacation is over, the fun continues; the summer is nearly over, and sales continue. Have you considered how you can continue to sell? A businessperson’s approach should be to constantly be in business, regardless of the time or season. Having a target audience all year is not impossible; dealing with clothes items is fantastic because they are constantly sorted for.

To be in business during this time, you must be thinking back-to-school sales. Schools, too, can offer back-to-school sales for their students, as many extracurricular activities ultimately require uniformity; and this is yet another gold investment for clothing entrepreneurs and businesses.

It doesn’t matter what time of year it is or what season it is; we at Wordans are always ready to serve you and assist you in growing your business.

We recommend the following product for your back to school sales;

Unisex Baseball Shirt

Baseball is a rapidly rising sport in the USA. But is it possible to have a baseball game without wearing a baseball shirt? No. Schools promote the sport as an extracurricular activity. Middle,  high school, and college/university students will fit wonderfully into the Wordans Bella+Canvas  – Unisex Three-Quarter Sleeve Baseball Raglan This T-shirt is an essential unisex top. It has a trendy shape with raglan sleeves. It provides good insulation in the winter and keeps you cool in the summer, and the pupils can wear it in any season. They are made from Poly-cotton-rayon. This model is available in a wide range of colors in two tones, making it suitable for the most discreet and adventurous teams. One can be purchased at the rate of $6.16 now as there is a discount of 47% off the original price. Check it out!



Letterman Varsity Jacket


Varsity Jacket

Letterman jackets can be worn in various styles, including an athletic look, a vintage aesthetic, and street style. Letterman jackets complete the high school mood; they are icing on the cake for the baseball team, spices in the dish for the basketball team, creamer in a black coffee for the rugby team, and cheerleaders join in on the glory of Letterman jackets. The Wordans AWDis  – JUST HOODS by Adult Letterman Jacket is a go-to. It speaks quality at the best rate of  $19.98 on each buy, and it comes in diverse sizes and colors. So, why aren’t you selling the Letterman jacket as part of your back-to-school sales? Please, take advantage of it!


Cropped Hoodie for girls

The question is, are cropped hoddies fashionable, especially among girls? Yes. Cropped hoddie allows your customers to be daring and flaunt their perfect bodies. It is appropriate for girls in elementary, junior, and secondary school. Bella + Canvas  – Ladies Cropped Fleece Hoodie of the Wordans is a whole package. In the winter, it provides adequate coverage to protect itself from freezing temperatures; the fabric is 51-70% cotton, it is light enough to wear even in hot weather. It is available in various colors and sizes ranging from S to 2XL; one goes for  $16.25. It would be best if you jumped on this deal.





As previously said, schools and business owners may boost back-to-school sales by using Wordans products;  Visit   for more information, and follow us on Instagram @wearewordans. Furthermore, you can submit a bulk request at

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