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Wordans: Picking the Right Fabric for You

Picking the Right Fabric for You

By: Fashionista B

Ever wonder what the qualities of certain fabrics are? Why do some stain and others just wide away? After some research, I found some great basic information about three popular winter fabrics: Cotton, Polyester and Fleece. Once you know the qualities of each fabric, you are prepared for the winter weather, and since Wordans carries a wide selection of clothing, it is good to know how to find exactly what you want.

Let’s start with one of the oldest and most popular fabrics, cotton.


Cotton is a highly versatile fabric that we see in both house textiles and clothing. This plant is easily obtained and is easier to grow than other products because due to the lack of chemicals or products required. This fabric tends to be quite soft and only requires basic spinning to be made into a usable fabric. The fibers hold color and prints extremely well, making it a highly versatile product. Now, there are two types of spinning techniques I want to talk about. The rough-spun and ring-spun.


To begin, rough-spun cotton is exactly as it sounds, cotton that has been spun until a fiber exists. There is generally a lot of space between the cotton fibers, which makes the material lighter and less comfortable against the skin, but can be used to create a wide-range of textiles that are soft and warm for a lower cost to customers. Cotton is a good fabric for sensitive skin, it is easy to shape and hangs well, but it tends to lose its shape and durability when wet. Rough-spun generally comes pre-shrunk and blended with polyester to give more durability.


Secondly, there is ring-spun cotton. This technique is when the cotton is continually spun until there is little or no gaps between the fibers. You end up with a more durable, heavier strand that is much softer. This process requires more work and tends to be more expensive but durable. Ring-spun is great for sweaters and shirts, as they are extremely soft and durable.

Now onto…


Polyester is a synthetic fiber, that is created through a chemical reaction between acid and alcohol. This fiber is extremely hydrophobic, which means it is highly water and stain resistant. The only downside is polyester does love oils, so be sure to avoid grease because these stains will not easily come out.

Polyester is highly durable, and resistant to mildew, stretching, shrinking, warping, and dries extremely quickly. This product lasts longest when washed and dried at low temperatures. This is great because it means shorter wash and dry cycles with cold water and heat, significantly reducing electricity and water bills. Polyester, because is does not absorb water, can feel stifling when the weather is hot.

Finally, onto fleece…


Fleece is actually made from polyester fibers and is the perfect insulator against extreme cold weather. It works best as an outer or mid-layer. Due to its polyester base, this fabric is hydrophobic, and does not absorb water. It dries extremely quickly and is very durable and breathable.

The downside to fleece is the same as polyester, it is extremely stain resistant except with oils. This fabric is also stifling when warm, so it is not ideal as a base layer in the winter. This plush material is magnificent for bedding, sweaters and fall coats.

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Wordans: Splash of Color

Splash of Color

By: Fashionista B

Sometimes you just need a bit of color in the winter. I used to fear color when I decored my home. I was terrified that the wrong bold piece wouldn’t fit in my design scheme. Because of this, I missed some great opportunities to add a splash of color to my home space since that one piece of bold furniture changes a space from drab to fab. It can be a simple chair, lamp or sofa that makes all the difference to a room.

What happened to convert me to color? I learned how to use the color wheel to find out what bold color would complement my design space.

So, how do I know what color is complementary?

Check out these two color swatches, is there a difference?

OOOO   and     OOOOO

When you pair purple and red together the color has the same intensity, but, when I put yellow and purple together, the colors appear to shine out independently. The trick to this is to use the opposite color on the color-wheel. These wheels are a designers dream, because it makes colors super simple. This is the trick of why Christmas Red/Greens seem extra vibrant when put together.

Now that you’re an expert!

You can place a rustic orange bar stool at a wood bar with small blue highlights. Or a modern yellow stool with purple highlights.


Place a red bold cocoon chair in a room with wallpaper featuring minute accents of green or a quilted blue office chair with yellow file folders.


The sky is the limit to adding the perfect splash of color to any of your home space and soon your friends will be asking you for advice on how to add a little color to their homes too!

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Wordans: OOTD

Wordans OOTD: Outfit of the Day

By: Fashionista B

This OOTD brings together style and comfort. With the weather changing and temperatures beginning to fall, a knit sweater look is the new staple of the wardrobe. There are several ways to style a knit sweater, and today’s style is a blending of statement jewellery and dark comfortable pants.

Firstly, the Bella + Canvas off the shoulder sweater is a good start to a great outfit for this Fall/Winter season. Besides the practicality of the warm knit, this shirt has a tapered waist to keep the sweater from looking bulky. It is available in a wide assortment of colors so you can change up this look day to day.

 Secondly, is a low hanging tuque. Our Yupoong 1501C Knit cap is available in a wide variety of colors so you can constantly change up your look. The tuque is optional for this look. I enjoy adding it when my hair is refusing to cooperate. I also sometimes like to add a pin of some sort around the temple to add a little bling or flair to the look.

Be sure to unroll the tuques edging completely. Wearing it in the flair back style shows off your face and hair, no matter your natural style or shape.

Statement jewellery is my favorite accent to any outfit. Adding the right bracelet, earrings or necklace can completely change the feeling of a look. In this outfit, I would like to suggest a statement pendant on a long chain, and a great choice is our Yeidid Pendant with Silver Blue Swarovski Crystals. A new addition to the Wordans catalog and available in gold, diamond, blue and black, this great statement piece is the final touch to many an outfit choice.

Finally, the ultimate secret to perfect style and comfort, athletic or yoga pants. These pants are slim fitting, show off curves, stretch for complete comfort, and look fantastic. Here is the Wordans All Sport black pants. With this style, you can add a high boot, sneakers, heels, or snow boots. No matter the shoe, this look will always look fantastic without sacrificing an ounce of comfort.

*addition photos are care of Pinterest and
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Wordans Big & Tall Collection

Wordans: The Big & Tall Collection

By Fashionista B

The Wordans Big & Tall Collection is designed for the people who do not fit into standard sized products. There is nothing more frustrating than not fitting into clothing or feeling like there is nothing out there for you. Wordans carries a wide selection of Big & Tall clothing to ensure that everyone can rock their own style and feel comfortable whilst doing it. Here are some ways to work your Big & Tall style.

Jazzing up the T-Shirt

So, finding and styling the basic t-shirt could be a challenge for the Big & Tall body. Wordans carries several choices of long t-shirts to ensure that you are covered and comfortable. A great way to jazz up the Bella + Canvas 3006 t-shirt is to add a winter knit sweater. A hot style right now and featured in the Paris Fashion Week.


Additionally, if you have a wider stance, we also carry the Gildan 2000T. It is built for larger comfort and with additional length. A great way to get more out of this t-shirt is to add a sports jacket. You can wear it over any colored T-shirt, and you can choose to wear casually open with sleeves turned up or closed for a business casual look.


Button Up Style

A button-up shirt is the ultimate business accessory. Finding a well-fitted dress shirt can be a challenge but here is our FeatherLite 7231 dress shirt. A lightweight material, so your skin can breathe throughout the day, this shirt will rock the business casual look. Add more to this look with a great tie or jacket.


Denim, denim, denim

Another emerging style is denim. The latest trend on the Paris fashion scene, and luckily Wordans carries this great tall Sierra Pacific denim shirt. Wear this shirt on its own, as an over-shirt, with complimentary jeans or khakis. A leather belt works perfect with this look, regardless of the chosen pants.


The Ultimate Versatile Shirt

Finally, the ultimate casual look can be pulled off with our Wrangler WS20T casual shirt. This highly versatile top comes in a large variety of colors and can work with almost any look you can think of. Wear this look with a sweater or a jacket to add some spice. This shirt complements any pant: dress, jeans or khakis. Sport this look with matching pants to create a slimmer profile.


*Images are care of the following fashion sites: ; ;
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Making Basics Work

Wordans: Making the Basics Work

By: Fashionista B

I always say “every wardrobe needs to have the basics in order to work.” Basics are those pieces that never really get put away during the winter or summer season. They are the building blocks of every casual wardrobe, the bottom layer of office wear, interviews, evenings with friends, etc. Not every piece of your wardrobe can be a standout piece or you will likely end up being a little too much to take at once….It’s time to start making basics work!

Each wardrobe should have a selection of shirts and pants that can be used in multiple outfits and of all the basics available, I think the t-shirt is the most versatile. T-shirts are useful to a wide variety of outfits. recently posted an article about how to create outfits with t-shirts.

What could be more classic than the t-shirt and jeans? This particular casual look is perfect for going out and spices up with a dramatic clutch and heels. Our Next Level 6760 Ladies Triblend is a great selection for this look, it’s breezy lines give it a subtle curve that is perfect with your favourite jeans.


Secondly, kick up the basic t-shirt and jeans with the perfect jacket and heels. This tiny touch to your daytime wear can get you ready to go out on the town in just a few seconds. Our Bella + Canvas 6035 colored v-neck would add even more fun flair to this look.


Furthermore, it’s time to rock some color! Add a t-shirt to a full colored suit for a bold statement. Using a t-shirt with bold pieces is a great way to break up a look. You can make a statement without being too much to handle. The easiest piece to break up a look is the classical Bella + Canvas 6400 white T-shirt. The round neck will allow for any accent jewellery to shine.


Finally, up your look with a fun skirt. A beautiful and flirty look, you can feel complete movement and comfort with this style. You are ready for school, a day at the office or an evening with the girls. Dress up this look with a great clutch or messenger bag. This look will be fantastic with any of our t-shirt choices, but I would like to suggest our Bella + Canvas 8703 Fitted T-shirt. This shirt gives wonderful lines to shoulders, arms and your waist. You can wear under a high fitted skirt or on top of a shirt of your choice.


So, in conclusion, there are hundreds of more ways to utilize your t-shirt to it’s fullest potential. Wear it with long and dangling statement jewellery, knot the bottom edge and match with jean shorts, or sport a bright tee underneath a white knitted shawl or sweater. Making basics work is limited by the imagination only. With these looks you know you are making the basics work for you.

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Back to School Season is Upon Us!

Making the transition back to school can be quite a hassle for kids and parents alike.

After two months of going to bed and getting up whenever they want, kids need to get back on a schedule, one that often involves waking up early.

And homework? Yes, it’s time to start that too.

All this process can be made easier if the right amount of effort and strategy are practiced.

In that sense, we have some of our favorite apparel picks to help you on these times, – where you’ll find you will be able to save a lot of money – putting you and your children on the right path of a stress-less transition.


Your little one will shine like a star in her Girls’ Short Sleeve Picot Polo by French Toast! Made from a quality double fabric blend composed of 60% cotton and 40% polyester interlock knit, this polo inspires confidence in the classroom!

Starting at a price that won’t make a dent in your wallet, this classic top is ideal for a full day of learning at school, dressy events, special occasions, and much more.  This model comes in a striking selection of six bright, bold, and neutral colors.


Your loved one won’t be able to part with this Youth Jersey 50/50 Sport Shirt from Hanes!

Made from 50% pre-shrunk Comfortsoft® cotton and 50% polyester for an ultra soft to the touch feel and comfortable fit.

Ideal for school in one of their neutral shades or for weekend fun in one of their bright hues. Other features include a welt collar and rib cuffs, double-needle stitching on bottom hem, two pearlized buttons on a clean-finished placket, and superior screen printing quality.

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Why Are Tablets Still Standing Strong?

You have probably wondered why tablets are still a thing, what with all the smartphone craze and the ultrafast evolution of the laptop. What we see is many people still finding a lot of applicability for these devices on their daily lives.

We’re happy to leave you with a couple of clever tips:

  1. Second Screen – If you work a lot on your computer, you can increase your productivity by using your tablet to  as a device to keep up with your email, notes and other work related tasks you always need to keep an eye on;
  2. Universal Remote –  The tablet’s size makes it a great for just about anything, with the help of dedicated apps;
  3. E Reader This is one of the most logical uses of the tablet but it cannot go unnoticed, since most of these devices are ideal for reading.
  4. Creative Tool – Whether it’s making music, digital painting, or creative writing, a tablet gives you portability, ease of use, and the ability to easily copy or share your works quickly and easily. 


Have a look at these very affordable options:


If you’re passionate about IT and electronics, like being up to date on technology and don’t miss even the slightest details, buy Tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab A 7″ 8GB White at an unbeatable price.

Samsung SM-T280N, Galaxy Tab A. Processor frequency: 1.3 GHz. Internal memory: 1.5 GB. Internal storage capacity: 8 GB, Compatible memory cards: MicroSD (TransFlash), MicroSDHC, MicroSDXC, Maximum memory card size: 200 GB. Display diagonal: 17.8 cm (7″), Display resolution: 1280 x 800 pixels, Display technology: TFT. Rear camera resolution (numeric): 5 MP, Maximum video resolution: 1280 x 720 pixels, Video recording modes: 720p.



Brigmton BTPC-970QC3G-N comes with the following specs
Processor MT6582: 1.3 GHz, Processor family: Mediatek, Internal memory: 1 GB, Internal memory type: DDR3-SDRAM. Internal storage capacity: 16 GB, Compatible memory cards: MicroSD (TransFlash), Storage media: Flash. Display diagonal: 24.6 cm (9.7″), Display resolution: 1280 x 800 pixels, Display technology: IPS. Graphics adapter: Mali 400

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INTRODUCING: A Whole New Furniture Collection!

We at Wordans as always looking to renovate our offers and are also proactively thinking of ways of helping our customers in the best way.

With that said we are definitely proud to introduce our brand new Furniture Collection, now available at your favorite destination.

There are so many brand news items in store, from chairs, tables, sofas and stools to mirrors. As you’ve probably wondered by now, we are also able to offer outdoor and indoor solutions like in the following suggestions we have for you!



Modern, stylish and versatile, all things that describe the exceptional design of the Drake Sleeper Sofa.
This multi-position sofa has sleek lines, quality upholstery, and a sturdy steel frame that lends a sophisticated and comfortable feel. Available in gray or brown, this sleeper sofa converts easily in seconds, and is a perfect size to fit almost any living area.



Add a touch of industrial zest to your home with the pair of Energy Chairs. Edgy yet minimal, this design is perfect for a lounge or contemporary area.
Made of metal and available in two great finishes: carbon black, capuccino and a gloss red, the Energy Chair is sold in a set of two.

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Printing Techniques Series: Transfer Printing

Welcome back, we’ve missed you! If you’re thinking of starting a new business or expanding your current one, then we might have and idea for you. Today we are going to talk about another printing method in this industry – as you migh be getting used to so far!

Our forth entry to this series is concerning one the cheapest and fastest techniques around at the moment, which you have probably guessed by now since it’s mentioned in the title!

What Is Transfer Printing?

This process prints your designs onto a custom, transferrable vinyl material. This printed material is then transferred onto the garment with the use of a commercial press.
It enables full color images to be printed very quickly and is a great option for promotional.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of This Techniques?


  • Best technique for repeated designs on low quantity t-shirt prints
  • Able to produce high-quality printing replicas
  • This technique allows full-colored designs


  • Not ideal for high quantity orders
  • Pantone color matching is not available
  • Makes the garment feel heavier
  • The printed area is not breathable

 Have a look at the video below for more printing delight!

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Printing Techniques Series: Direct to Garment Printing

Hello again and welcome back to our Printing Techniques blog series, where we will explore diverse printing methods around the clothing and accessories industries.

For our third entry we are going to talk about Direct to Garment Printing, or DTG!
Maybe you’ve heard about it in such a form, maybe you have not… but this technique is the process of printing full-color images onto garments.

What are the uses for DTG?

Due to its less expensive setup DTG is perfect for short runs of full color prints onto a wide range of clothing.
Direct to Garment printers have currently evolved exponentially and are now capable of handling complex prints and a variety of garments, providing a perfect finish for occasional prints.

What are the Pros and Cons of Embroidery?


Able print full-color images onto a wide range of clothing
Produces high-quality prints on a short amount of time
Can be used on both light and dark colored garments


Colors are not matched to their Pantone color
Unsuitable for large runs of garments

Have a look at the video below to see how this technique is used currently on an industrial level:

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