How to Dress for Pride 

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As June approaches, cities across the globe gear up for one of the most vibrant and colorful celebrations of the year: Pride. European countries such as Germany, Spain, and the United Kingdom all celebrate in June, as do Australia, Brazil, and the United States, where it all began. 

The first Pride marches happened a year after the Stonewall riots in New York, June 1969. Since then they have evolved into a commemoration of LGBTQ+ rights, a symbol of visibility, and a jubilant display of diversity. Throughout the month, countries join in solidarity, hosting parades, parties, and other events to honor the community’s journey towards equality, and pay respects to those who fought to make it possible.

People marching while carrying balloon structures which spell "pride"

So What Should I Wear?

Deciding how to dress for Pride comes more easily to some than to others. Many LGBTQ+ people have long been comfortable taking pride in who they are. Others have it different though– every year people attend for the first time, and some of them are still living with repression.

Rule number one: there’s no pressure on anyone to wear something that makes them feel uncomfortable. Dress how you want, that’s the whole point, but if there’s something you want to wear that you don’t get the chance to normally– now is the time. Here are 5 different approaches you can take when you’re picking your outfit for the Pride festivities

1. Dress for Summer

June isn’t just Pride Month, it’s also the start of summer. For a lot of people, dressing up for Pride isn’t about making statements or being extra, but welcoming in the summer and having a party. Even if we’re not buying something just for Pride, it’s a nice time of year to hit the shops for something fresh, that gets us in the mood for a good time.  

Think breathable cotton t-shirts, tanks, flowy skirts, shorts, and sandals. Add some color, and show some skin if you like, but no need to go further than you want. Keep cool, stay confident, and join in the fun.

A woman smiling in a summer outfit and rainbow headband

2. Take It to the Limit

For some, Pride is a time to push boundaries and be daring. There’s one time of year when you can wear whatever you want without judgment or reproval, so why not make the most of it? A lot of people who cut loose at Pride say it’s helped their confidence permanently– it’s definitely nice to see that whatever your style, there are others out there who feel it. 

From glittery bodysuits, to provocative leatherwear, to mostly avoiding clothes altogether. Some go down the erotic route, while for others it’s just about flamboyance. Even if you don’t go all out, you can still add some angel wings or flashy headwear to your look. Eye-catching outfits not only command attention but also challenge societal norms, celebrating the freedom to be unapologetically whatever you want to be.

Two women wearing extravagant outfits with rainbow wings

3. Bring the Rainbow

The rainbow flag is the most prominent symbol of Pride. There are more than one, but the original, created by Gilbert Baker, features eight stripes. The hot pink symbolizes sex, red is for life, orange for healing, yellow for sunlight, green for nature, turquoise for magic & art, indigo for serenity, and violet represents spirit. 

What better way to honor the rainbow flag than by incorporating it into your outfit? You can go for rainbow-striped clothing and accessories, or a different color for every item you wear. Tie-dye is back in fashion too, and we can’t think of a better way of infusing the full spectrum into your clothes. However you do it, wearing the rainbow is a powerful statement of solidarity and inclusion.

A woman wearing a beautiful multi-colored dress

4. Promote a Cause

Pride is not just a celebration– it’s also an opportunity to advocate for important causes. Despite the progress made, there is still much to do, and many individuals and organizations use custom clothing to raise awareness and support various LGBTQ+ initiatives. Pride represents love, acceptance and unity, so even causes that aren’t directly related should be promoted, if they share common values.

Customizing your own clothing is super easy these days, thanks to new design programs and printing methods. Whether your t-shirt is emblazoned with a message of equality or promoting a specific charity, wearing apparel with a purpose adds depth and meaning to your Pride attire, and can improve lives in the process.

People at a pride march wearing custom t-shirts with an organization printed on them

5. Keep Things Subtle

Not everyone feels comfortable in flashy or flamboyant outfits, and that’s perfectly okay. If there’s one thing Pride is not about, it’s wearing certain things just to fit in. If you want to wear clothes to help you blend into the background, and be more of a spectator than a participant, then that’s just as appropriate as anything else. 

For those who prefer a more understated look, you can still include a subtle nod to Pride with small accessories like rainbow pins, pride-themed socks, or a pride flag patch on your bag. Remember, it’s not about how loud your outfit is, but how much pride you carry within.

People attend a Pride event wearing regular clothes

Some Final Advice

Last thing to remember– it all depends on what you’re doing of course, but Pride events often mean a long day. When choosing your getup, it’s worth thinking about practicality as well as style. You might be walking and dancing all day, which is really tiring, especially if you’re not 21 anymore. So comfortable shoes are highly recommended. If you’re not taking a bag you’ll want clothing with pockets; even if you don’t have much on you at the start, you normally pick up souvenirs throughout the day. 

Don’t forget your sun protection too– depending on where you’re celebrating, you might need both cream and a sun hat. You certainly don’t want to be flagging by late afternoon. On the other hand, it might also cool off in the evening– so don’t forget the extra layer! 

Pride attendees wearing very little in the hot sun

Whether you’re putting together a dazzling ensemble, or keeping it low-key, let your outfit reflect who you are, and enjoy the spirit of inclusivity that defines Pride.

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