Preparing Your Apparel Business for Spring

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Spring is arguably the most important time of the year for apparel businesses. There are many reasons for this, many of which we’ll get into later in this blog, but the main reason for this is that it’s the season most often associated with change.

Trees regain their leaves, flowers start to grow and the sun comes out to play for much longer. We’re not sure if it’s these natural factors that inspire people to change something in their lives during spring, but we know this desire makes us all more likely to buy clothes during this season, which is great news for apparel business owners! So how should you prepare your apparel business for spring/summer? Read on for Wordans’ expert tips on how to do just that.

Clear winter stock

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Whether you sell clothing online, in a physical store, or via a combination of both methods, your storage space is probably limited. This is certainly true for most independent retailers, so it’s important to think about clearing the old season’s stock before selling items for the new season. Winter clearance sales are a great way to do this, so why not reduce the prices of the items you’re struggling to shift and give your customers a treat? These days there are many savvy shoppers who buy winter clothing well in advance, so they’d certainly appreciate the chance to stock up on coats, jackets, and accessories ahead of time. Also, the extra space means you’ll have more room to store and/or display your spring/summer collection!


Update your catalog


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Spring is all about freshness, fresh air, fresh fruit, and fresh clothes. With this in mind, it’s recommended that clothing brands offer new ranges for the spring. With spring fashion trends constantly changing and evolving year after year, it’s important that your customers feel your store is up to date, or they’ll simply go elsewhere. We understand this can be difficult for some businesses, and we’re not suggesting that you throw away perfectly good stock. However, by following our first tip, you’ll be able to stock fresh apparel for each season. Additionally, you can make sure your apparel store is always down with the latest styles by stocking timeless items like blank t-shirts, sweaters, and polos. These items never go out of fashion, so you’ll be able to sell them every year!

Stock a wide variety of apparel

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Although we’ve just mentioned how important it is for your store to be up-to-date with the latest trends, we also know that fashion is subjective. “One person’s trash is another’s treasure,” as they say, so it’s vital to provide your customers with a variety of products. This is especially important in spring when people are most likely to go for a complete change of style. Make sure you can facilitate any radical style changes so your customers won’t have to go somewhere else. Spring is also when people go for more eccentric looks, so why not customize your own apparel line for a unique offering.

Ensure fast delivery

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Yes we know, people want fast delivery all year round. So why is this particularly important in spring? Well, as well as being a time when people are more inclined to change, it’s also the season when people are most likely to impulse buy. We spend more time outside in spring than the previous seasons, which means more opportunities to see items and outfits that we like on others and try to find them in stores or online. In these cases, people see something they like, purchase it ASAP and want to receive it ASAP too. We’ve all had the sudden impulse to buy something but then been put off by slow delivery, causing us to have second thoughts and decide against the purchase. Make sure this isn’t happening to your potential customers with speedy delivery that will get products to them quickly and encourage them to buy more!


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