2023 Spring Fashion Trends

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With the winter (finally!) coming to an end, spring is fast approaching. This is great news for fashion lovers like us as it means one thing and one thing only, it’s time to start preparing our wardrobes for the hot weather! But what are this year’s spring/summer trends? With the world moving so fast these days it can be difficult to keep up with the changing styles of the times, which is why we’re here to help with the Wordans 2023 Spring Fashion Guide!

While it can be difficult to predict the most popular looks of the season, there are a number of timeless trends that never go out of fashion. So these are the ones we’ll be focusing on first, before making some bold predictions for any daredevils who may be reading this. However, it’s important to remember that true style comes from within, if you feel comfortable and carry yourself confidently, you’ll always look good. So with this in mind, let’s dive into the 2023 spring fashion trends, according to our expert staff.

Spring 2023 Dresses – What’s in This Year?



For many years fashion has been solely focused on the look, with little consideration for wearability and comfort. We’re glad that this has been changing in recent times, leading to more acceptance of comfortable sweatsuits, sneakers, and dresses for spring 2023.

Following on from one of last year’s biggest summer trends, comfy dresses are certain to be one of the most popular items of this year too. The most popular spring 2023 dresses are sure to be the ones that are easiest to put on, wear and maintain, which is great news, as these are often the cheapest ones. Tank dresses are a great option for the warmer months because they are lightweight and versatile. They look great as a statement piece, or as part of a layered outfit with a t-shirt, or long-sleeve sweater underneath.

Another of the spring dresses 2023 promises to popularize is the cotton jersey dress. While these have always been popular as an item to wear around the house on lazy days, last year saw many women exhibit just how stylish they can be when paired with the right accessories. Jersey dresses, as well as t-shirt dresses, are also great for wearing over a swimsuit, which makes them perfect for beach days.

Spring T-shirt Styles



As one of the most commonly worn fashion items in the world, t-shirts never go out of fashion. Of course, they’re loved by almost everyone because you can wear t-shirts with most types of trousers, jackets, and shoes. When it comes to spring t-shirt styles for this year, the most important thing to consider is materials. As the temperature heats up, breathability becomes more and more important, so it is vital that you wear t-shirts that feel airy and light. 50/50 cotton/polyester blends will answer all of your spring 2023 t-shirt needs, as this combination provides the ideal balance between durability and comfort. When you buy a 50% cotton 50% polyester t-shirt, you can be sure that you’ll look good while feeling amazing too.

While the material of your spring shirts is important, we are talking about fashion here, so of course we can’t neglect the style! Oversized t-shirts seem to have taken over the world in recent years, so we can expect those to be among the most common spring t-shirt styles again this year. Aside from that, focus on the finer details, such as pockets and scoop necks, which make surprisingly large differences to a person’s look.

Essential Sweaters for 2023 Spring Fashion Trends


The final item we’re focusing on in our 2023 spring fashion guide is sweaters. Used in the colder months as one of many layers to help keep us warm, sweaters really come into their own in the spring, when they get to be the centerpiece of the outfit. A good sweater should be light enough for walking around in the spring sun, but also thick enough to keep you warm when the sun goes down. This is why hoodies have always been a preferred garment for this time of year. There are many styles to choose from, with different materials, fits, and added features like pockets and lace fastening. Hoodies with a zipper are best for the warmer weather as you can have them open or zipped up depending on the temperature.

If you’re going for a slightly more formal look, you can’t go wrong with a crewneck sweatshirt in the spring. They provide similar lightweight protection from the elements as hoodies, while also being versatile enough to match any outfit, whether casual or formal. You can wear a crewneck sweatshirt with your favorite sweatpants on a casual day for shopping trips or running errands, while you can also match it with jeans or slacks for a smarter look.

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