Long sleeves wholesale and retail.

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Long sleeves wholesale and retail.

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Why our Long Sleeve Shirts are Ideal for Cool Autumn Days

Days go by quickly, and before we know it, the warm season is leaving us behind, autumn is starting to take hold and regular t-shirts are no longer appropriate. With the weather turning cloudy, you've probably concluded that you need a new long sleeve shirt or a raglan sleeve hoodie to keep you warm even in the most challenging conditions. Wordans is at your disposal for all your fashion needs with a wide variety of clothing items ranging from long sleeve polo shirts, long sleeve Comfort Colors items, or long sleeve tee's, to long sleeve v neck and to our long sleeve shirts women catalog.

Why Should I Order my Clothes in Bulk?

Simply put, because it's cheaper. At Wordans, you will benefit from substantial discounts depending on the number of clothes you order. Any order over $59 is free, and our local network allows us to ship any order within five business days. We will always make sure that your order will reach you in the shortest possible time, whether we are discussing an order for a single Gildan long sleeve t-shirt or a wholesale order of long sleeve shirts.

Why Should I Get My Mens Long Sleeve Shirts from Wordans?

Because our prices are simply impossible to beat. There are many competitors in the wholesale market, but none can match our unbeatable prices and premium quality. We started this business wanting to do things differently while bringing the opportunity for the masses to benefit from quality clothing. The reviews we've received over the years and the loyalty shown by our customers show us that we have indeed succeeded in everything we set out to do. From our wholesale merchandise collection to the bulk orders received from our national partners, Wordans established itself as a significant player in the North American clothing industry, and for this, we will be forever grateful.