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Sustainable and Fashionable

Bella + Canvas is a fairly new company with great aspirations. With their “Be Different” motto, Bella + Canvas specialize in sweatshop free apparel. All products are made in an eco-friendly facility with premium fabrics. Their shirts are designed to be fashionable, sustainable, and print ready. All of their clothing is a blank canvas, that you can wear as-is or print on locally to make your own. Each piece is sustainable and fashionably cut so you can show off your style and be environmentally responsible at the same time.

Comfort and Style

Bella + Canvas cuts all of their shirts in the latest fashion styles. You can choose from t-shirts, flowy racerback tanks, baseball sleeves, off the shoulder, unisex, zip-ups and much, much more! All of Bella + Canvas’ products are cruelty free. They are made without sweatshops, in an eco-friendly facility. Their clothing is designed in numerous bold colours with blended fabrics meant to suit anyone.

Wholesale Clothing

Bella + Canvas is available at wholesale quantities and prices with Wordans. You can purchase wonderful cotton attire for your entire family, groups or event. Wordans “Buy More, Save More” policy ensures you have the best price available on the best products.

Bella + Canvas comes in a variety of colours and sizes and they are all blank to allow for local printing. You can purchase shirts, sweaters and zip-ups for men and women. Each shirt is made with the best choice of blended cotton, polyester and rayon. Bella + Canvas ensures to choose the best fabric for each piece, for long-term durability and comfort.

Why Do Shoppers Prefer Bella Canvas Wholesale?

Here at Wordans, we do our best to offer our customers high-quality apparel from the most reputable brands. Bella Canvas hasn't been in the fashion industry for too long, but already made a name for itself. This brand is known for the superior quality of its products and it has clothes for men, women, and children.

Bella Canvas apparel makes no compromises as far as comfort is concerned. Our customers can find a variety of blank garments, and unisex options, which have become a must-have among apparel decorators. These pieces of clothing are versatile, durable, and of premium quality.

What You Should Know about Bella Canvas T-Shirts?

It is less known to wholesale shoppers that when it comes to Bella Canvas t-shirts wholesale they can choose from a wide range of fabrics. This brand has soft-combed, ring spun heirloom cotton, polyester blends, and triblend. In other words, should you decide to go for it, you will not have to make any compromises as far as material is concerned.

Another reason why people seem to prefer Bella Canvas apparel is the fact that their t shirts are some of the softest available on the market. Those who wear them feel good and comfortable. This is an American, eco-friendly brand that caters to the preferences of men and women. It has a multitude of wholesale products in different cuts, materials, and styles.

How to Use Bella Canvas Shirts Wholesale?

Will you attend a charity event soon and you want your group to be dressed the same? Would you like to promote your brand and offer shirts to your employees, business partners and target audience? Should this be the case, you should not hesitate to choose bulk Bella Canvas shirts for your needs.

Our website features stylish and comfortable Bella Canvas sweatshirts that can be purchased wholesale. Should you decide to shop with us, you will not be disappointed.