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{:brand=>{:gildan_meta_keywords=>"quality, textile, sport, tank tops, t-shirts, hoodies, printed patterns, graphics", :gildan_meta_description=>"Wordans opens its doors to the Gildan brand. Come discover high quality products and the many possibilities of having printed designs on them.", :gildan_text=>"<h1>Gildan: a proven brand over time </h1> <p><strong>Gildan</strong> invites you in its universe. Discover its unusual path to success and the rewards that accompanied its evolution. Make your own Gildan products by gearing up your family members or friends, and create them with the <a href='%{brand_url}'>Wordans</a> create your own application.</p>\n<br/><center><img src='%{logo}' alt='Gildan' /></center><br/>\n<h2>A brand that's never resting</h2> <p>Founded on the 8th of may 1984, the Montreal based company, in Canada, specializes in the manufacturing and marketing of clothing. The organization pushed its growth when, in 2010, it acquired Shahriyar Fabric Industries Limitied in Bangladesh and in 2011, when it bought Gold Toe Moretz Holdings. All together, the company owns not less than six different brands including <strong>Gildan</strong of course, but also Anvil, Therapy Plus or evenSilks. The CEO, Glenn J. Chamandy, is now at the head of a well-established international enterprise. Main supplier of wholesale <strong>sportswear</strong>, the brand is extremely recognized and appreciated by <strong>professionals</strong> in the United States and Canada.</p>\n<h2>Eloquent distinctions</h2> <p>Recently the brand was pointed out for its performance in business building in the 2015 edition of <strong>Sustainability Yearbook</strong> by RobecoSam. <strong>Gildan</strong> also received the <strong>« Silver Class »</strong> award for development sustainability after scoring high in the textile category.</p>\n<h2>Diversified products</h2> <p>Specialized in products for the entire family, <strong>Gildan</strong> proposes a variety of sports models and styles for <strong>t-shirts, polo shirts, tank tops, hoddies and sweats</strong> (with or without a hood). The brand is also recognized for its <strong>underwear for men</strong>, to a degree of quality which has proven itself. Those items are specifically designed for <strong>imprintables</strong>, for example printing for music festivals, sport events, promotional activities or events linked to tourism.</p>\n<p>With such a pedigree, <strong>Gildan</strong> cannot go unnoticed to Wordans' eyes. The alliance of Gildan's high quality products and Wordans' <strong>screenprinting</strong> expertise offers you an unmatchable result for your <a href='%{custom_url}'>custom apparel</a>.</p>", :fruit_meta_keywords=>"dressing, t-shirt, t shirt, hoodie, polo shirt, promotional items", :fruit_meta_description=>"Enter Fruit of the Loom's universe of a long tradition of quality and trendy promotional apparel.", :fruit_text=>"<h1>Fruit of the Loom: A long tradition in clothing</h1> <p><strong>Fruit of the Loom</strong>knows how to rely on a strong tradition in clothing, constantly rethinking its styles and models in order to bring the best quality along with keeping up with the latest trends in fashion. A trend that <a href='%{brand_url}'>Wordans</a> links through its website.</p>\n<center><img src='%{logo}' alt='Fruit of the Loom' /></center>\n<h2>160 years of textile experience<h2> <p>It is not exactly by chance that the fruit is the symbol of this brand of <strong>clothing</strong> known worldwide. The logo was born out of a drawing done by the daughter of<strong>Fruit of the Loom</strong>'s founder Robert Knight's friend, drawn on a roll of tissue, representing an apple. This was in 1871 and the ¨fruit of the loom¨ was born. The grape vines and the actual name came later and the brand went from hands to hands to finish in those of Berkshire. The brand lived through hard times, particularly linked to the recession, to finally continue to be a reference in terms of clothing.</p> <h2>Quality for promotional purposes</h2> <p>From the <strong>t-shirt</strong> to the <strong>polo shirt</strong>, the <strong>hoodie</strong>, the <strong>fleece</strong> or the <strong>dress shirt</strong>, <strong> Fruit of the Loom</strong> spreads its image throughout the United States, its native country, but also in Europe where the quality of its apparel, whether the use be for work or recreational, are a reference in the field. Conceived to be printed, the quality of those <strong>promotional items</strong> are available for men, women and youth. 240 gr/m2 ring spun cotton hoodies, or 160/165 gr/m2 <strong>t-shirts</strong> permits a certain lightness and softness along with a long-lasting life.</p>\n<h2>Following the trends</h2> <p>Between trendy models like the <strong>hooded sweatshirts</strong>, with a zipper or no, and with a wide variety of colors, this apple themed brand knows how to propose the best products out there.</p> <p>Wordans knew how to find alliances with this traditional brand that is now <strong>Fruit of the Loom</strong> so that you can fulfill your needs for <a href='%{custom_url}'>custom t-shirts</a> while abiding to what's hot in fashion.</p>", :bandc_meta_keywords=>"trend, creativity, innovation, passion, t-shirts, polo shirts, aprons, communication, Wordans", :bandc_meta_description=>"You are looking for a creative and passionate brand? Push open Wordans' doors and discover B&C.", :bandc_text=>"<h1>B&C: The Passion</h1> <p>The Belgian brand <strong>B&C</strong> is a passionate brand and even that term is shy of describing its corporate culture. Indeed, distributed in around thirty different countries, the brand displays its passion widely. Let's discover them more closely: <ul> <li><strong>Fashion</strong>driven: its deep determination to <strong>anticipate the trends</strong> can only fill its adepts' needs. A design team is working hard all year long in order to propose a variety of styles for the ready-to-wear industry.</li> <li>Passionate about <strong>creativity</strong>: <strong>innovation</strong> is at the heart of its preoccupations. Thus, fresh and bright new ideas regularly take fruit at the heart of this company.</li> <li>Passionate about strong <strong>communication</strong>: the brand's ultimate objective is to offer its customers products that can convey their messages, logos, and <strong>custom designs</strong>.</li> </ul> </p>\n<center><img src='%{logo}' alt='B&C' /></center>\n<h2>At the cutting edge of fashion</h2> <p>And to satisfy that thirst customers have, whether they are <strong>professionals</strong> looking for a well-conceived t-shirt for their salesforce team, or <strong>individuals</strong> looking for a unique hoodie no one else will have, the stylists at <strong>B&C</strong> can imagine original fits offered in a wide array of sublime colors. In fact, the suggested models vary so that they can satisfy a wide range of tastes, of needs, but also to be <strong>functional</strong> so that the models can be suited for different activities. The team doesn't forget either to keep a constant <strong>turnaround of different styles for its collection</strong> in order to stay in.\n<h2>Turned toward communication<h2> <p>Finally, <strong>B&C</strong> holds a strong and significant importance toward communication. The organization is oriented this way through their <strong>entirely customizable collections</strong>. Thus, the company is, in Europe, known as a leading brand in terms of <strong>promotional apparel</strong>.</p>\n<p>With such a philosophy, the <strong>B&C</strong> company also follows Wordans' path. The mix of the two entities can also have you benefit high quality <strong>t-shirts</strong>, <strong>hoodies</strong>, <strong>aprons</strong> or even <strong>polo shirts</strong>, printed with <a href='%{custom_url}'>your own logo</a>.</p>", :kariban_meta_keywords=>"t shirt, t-shirt, tshirt, polo shirts, collection, apparel, dress shirts, hoodies, hats, fleece, custom, style, textiles, fashion", :kariban_meta_description=>"Kariban's collection comes in variety of styles, from sportswear to workwear by adopting, each time, a touch of style.", :kariban_text=>"<h1>Kariban knows how to vary its complete range of products while respecting style</h1> <p><strong>Kariban</strong> multiplies styles in order to be able to adapted to all kinds of occasions, professional or recreational and available to the entire family. The brand wants to be synonym of freedom, a freedom that <a href='%{brand_url}'>Wordans</a> adopted by marketing that reference brand.</p>\n<center><img src='%{logo}' alt='Kariban' /></center>\n<h2>The variety of collections</h2> <p>Still a relatively young brand since founded in 1997, <strong>Kariban</strong> stands out in many different fields in order to stick to the demand. <strong>Sport collection</strong>, organic collection, spaso collection in the vintage spirit, classical sailing collection gives the brand the opportunity to be positioned on different stages of the clothing industry. Strong of about 200 different products, those <strong>styles</strong> easily meet the demand for <strong>fashion</strong>, publicity or image.</p> <h2>Variety of products</h2> <p>You will find all the items and range of different<strong>apparel</strong> like <strong>t-shirts</strong>, <strong>polo shirts</strong>, <strong>fleece</strong>, dress shirts, hoodies, pants, vests, some <strong>hats</strong> and many more by <strong>Kariban</strong> which has even launched a line for babies. Another whole new line of accessories comes in to complete the style, from bandanas to eyewear, and gloves and scarves. The message the brands is conveying is clear: <strong>Kariban</strong> breathes an air of freedom. The brand wants to be laid back and at the same time authentic.<p>\n<h2>Variety in textiles</h2> <p>Variety lays also in the different <strong>textiles</strong>. Whether we prefer 100% cotton, 100$ polyester, cotton/spandex, polyester/spandex, or viscose/spandex for a softer and comfortable textile. Respecting <strong>style</strong> stays, on top of everything, common denominator with <strong>trendy</strong> colors, fitted styles and attention to details.<p>\n<p><strong>Kariban</strong>knows how to adapt styles as well for businesses or recreational purposes, offering a large array of possibilities for all, old and young. <strong>promotional textile</strong> ideal for printing your <a href='%{custom_url}'>custom designs</a>.</p>", :russell_meta_keywords=>"dressing, textile, clothing, collections, colors, dress shirts, shirt, polo shirt, t-shirt", :russell_meta_description=>"Go for Russell brand signed apparel and customized by Wordans to offer your business the image it's worth of portraying!", :russell_text=>"<h1>Russell, a professional brand for professionals</h1> <p>Strong of an nice old existence, the <strong>Russell</strong> brand chose a marketing direction aimed particularly at professionals. <a href='%{brand_url}'>Wordans</a> bases on this view in order to propose quality items that will satisfy awaited expectations.</p>\n<br/><center><img src='%{logo}' alt='Russell' /></center>\n<h2>A century of History</h2> <p>It's in 1902 that Benjamin <strong>Russell</strong>started his <strong>textile production</strong> activities by distributing items bearing his name. Back then, he had in his possession only a handful of sewing machines and 12 employees for making <strong>garments</strong>. As years passed by, the business got to develop and grow to become, today, one of the world's most renowned <strong>apparel</strong> brand. Indeed, after 110 years of experience and evolution, <strong>Russell</strong> stayed loyal to its original philosophy. Its ultimate will to constantly propose new <strong>collections</strong> by trying to find sustainable, eco-friendly ways of manufacturing its products. In 2015, conscious that comfort and quality are important, but that visual is also, the brand proposes even more available <strong>colors</strong> in order to offer a wider range of assortments. The choice, for example, between a waist-down piece (skirt or pant) in a dominant tone, associated with, according to the recipient, a <strong>dress shirt</strong>, a <strong>shirt</strong>, a <strong>polo shirt</strong>, or a <strong>t-shirt</strong> will offer an excellent image for the company constantly receiving customers. The harmony thus created will even inspire more trust, thanks to the seriousness of the image the organization will portray to its customers. In fact, once customized, those garments become incredible vehicles of communication for your brand.<p>\n<p>Wordans then propose you to live the experience yourself and to customize those <strong>Russell</strong> textiles through its online <a href='%{custom_url}'>create your own</a> application. You will not only see the creative process as a pleasant task, you will find all the seriousness there is to it.</p>"}}
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