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Also called a hoodie, the hoodie is an international hit across the board. From the most famous Hollywood stars to a stranger on the street, everyone has at least one black hoodie. That's not your case ? Let us introduce you to the WORDANS collection: a quality product at a competitive price!

Needen and Gildan clothing

Since 2015, Needen has made it a point of honor to give a second life to basic clothing, too often neglected. Our main goal : to put the great classics back in everyone's wardrobe, regardless of your style of dress.

To achieve this, we have selected many brands of clothing offering quality for a price fit to all. And, among them, Gildan clothing has emerged as an indisputable choice to offer you.

Offering a wide range of products of infallible quality, the Gildan brand has understood the needs and desires of today's fashion world. And, we are lucky to be one of its main distributors! Coats, jackets, sweaters, t-shirts or sportswear…Discover without delay our selection of Gildan clothing at the best price.

Gildan sweaters and t-shirts for young and old

Are you planning to give your wardrobe a facelift? Opt for basic Gildan sweaters and t-shirts! These pieces are real essentials to have in your wardrobes for the simple reason that they are worn every day. With a shirt, under a sweatshirt, tucked into trousers or shorts, or simply to stay comfortably at home, sweaters and t-shirts are timeless and timeless products. Gildan offers you articles with quality materials and finishes worthy of the name.

We have selected a multitude of simple t-shirts and sweaters to allow you to find the piece that will make you capsize. Black, grey, white or blue, with a hood or a round neck, oversized or close-fitting, with or without patterns, sweatshirts with a zipper or without opening, long, short or tank tops, polo shirts with buttons... You don't have to spoiled for choice.

And, to suit everyone, Gildan also offers t-shirts and sweaters in many materials: cotton, synthetic, fleece or even jersey.

Gildan clothing: pieces for athletes

Because it is important to feel comfortable in your clothes in all circumstances, the Gildan brand offers you a selection of special sports pieces. Corresponding to everyone (men, women or children) and to athletes of all levels, these pieces are suitable for both extreme adventurers and Sunday runners, to accompany you in all your favorite activities! Gildan zip-up hoodies are a customer favorite for their comfort and weather resilience. You will also find a selection of fleece jackets for women and men for your winter hikes.

And, to accompany your sportswear, Gildan also offers a series of accessories that will add an original touch to your look. Among these little extras, you will find jersey caps, perfect for protecting you from the sun and the rain!

Gildan coats and jackets

Because the clothes that those around you notice first when they see you are as important as the rest, Gildan offers you a wide choice of jackets and coats. Whether it's to face the winter or to finalize your summer outfits, these pieces must have a place of choice in your wardrobe. They will be perfect with more original pieces such as a colorful t-shirt or a patterned sweater.

Discover our selection of Gildan clothing now, items for every day, for any occasion! And, all for an affordable price and unbeatable quality.