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Doggie Skins

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Doggie Skins Dog Clothes from Wordans

Dog fashion is one of the newest trends taking the world by storm in the 21st century and thanks to our extensive collection, you can find the best dog clothes right here at Wordans. Ever since humans began to domesticate dogs thousands of years ago, some people have chosen to dress them in some form of clothing. However, clothes for dogs have become must-have purchases for dog owners in recent years, particularly with the opportunity social media has given us to show off our dogs’ sense of style. Wordans is the best destination for buying dog clothes in bulk at wholesale prices. So, whether you’re looking for a dog suit for a canine birthday party or something more casual, make sure you check out our range.

Wholesale dog hoodies

Wordans dog clothes range also includes stylish dog hoodies, which are great for keeping your four-legged friend nice and toasty in the cold fall and winter months. Our collection includes the Doggie Skins hoodie for dogs in multiple colors, such as black, navy, white, red and pink, so you shouldn’t have any problems coordinating your dog's outfit with your own. For example many people like to match their dog's outfits with their own bags, hats or accessories. What's more, each hoodie for dogs at Wordans is well made and durable, suitable for even the most boisterous of dogs. If you really enjoy seeing your dog in a hoodie, why not buy in bulk with Wordans? We offer the best wholesale deals for our customers looking for dog hoodies, the more you buy, the more you save.

Dog Bandanas in multiple colors

Every fashionista knows that accessories are a key component of every outfit, which is why Wordans has a great selection of bandanas for dogs in different colors. A versatile accessory, dog bandanas can be worn around the head, neck, torso or legs to complete any outfit, and our range is made of the best materials to make sure your pet is comfortable. In addition to popular colors like black, white, orange and yellow, our range also includes a camouflage option, the most popular dog bandana pattern. You can purchase multiple colors and patterns in bulk with Wordans and take advantage of our amazing wholesale prices.