Authentic Pigment Headwear wholesale and retail.

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Authentic Pigment Headwear wholesale and retail.

at Wordans USA

Wordans’ Blank Apparel Authentic Pigment Range

Authentic Pigment is a premium apparel brand offered at Wordans, specializing in accessories like hats, and bags. Out of all the blank apparel Authentic Pigment produces, their caps and bags are by far the most popular, due to the purposely faded appearance of the colors that many people feel perfectly compliments the bolder colors of the rest of their outfit. As the brand name suggests, Authentic Pigment products are pigment dyed post-production, resulting in a unique color pallet across their range of products, all of which you can find at Wordans with great wholesale discounts on bulk orders. So, be sure to check out our Authentic Pigment wholesale range for the best prices on their selection.

Wordans’ Authentic Pigment Bag Collection

At Wordans we stock an extensive Authentic Pigment bag selection that we’re sure everyone will enjoy. The brand’s most popular option is the Authentic Pigment Canvas bag, which is available in a number of variations including messenger, tote, field bag and backpack. All of these are available in multiple colors, each with that pigment dyed finish that has made the brand so popular. When buying an Authentic Pigment bag you are opting for quality, they are durable, comfortable and spacious without being bulky, making them great for carrying anything you need. Shopping with Wordans means you can also get a good quantity too, with our discounts for bulk purchases.

Authentic Pigment Hats from Wordans

Authentic Pigment hats are always in high demand due the range of designs and colourways on offer. As with all of their products, their hats are pigment dyed, giving them a “washed” look that is unique and stands out from other hats in the market. At Wordans, we stock Authentic Pigment hats in a number of styles including baseball cap, twill cap, visor, trucker and 6-panel, each available in multiple colors. Authentic Pigment blank hats from Wordans are also great for printing your own designs on, which you can do directly through us, whether for resale or to commemorate social occasions or celebrations. So, check out Wordans collection and get the best Authentic Pigment wholesale deals.