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Fruit of the Loom clothing from WORDANS

Have you ever heard about the Fruit of the Loom brand? Created in the 19th century in the United States, this clothing brand means “Fruits of the loom” in French, original when you know that these are two quite opposite things. The idea for the name came from a drawing made by a little girl that fell into the hands of a store manager and orchard owner, Rufus Skeel. Seeing the drawing of a red apple placed on a roll of fabric, he had the idea of combining fruit and fabric.

Fruit of the Loom subsequently became a clothing brand in its own right, and offers a wide choice of products to meet all needs. From the basic t-shirt to the original sweater, today Fruit of the Loom highlights clothes that meet the quality expectations of customers, and with prices accessible to all.

All these reasons are why, at WORDANS, we have decided to offer Fruit of the Loom products on our platform! Offering basic pieces at reasonable prices, this clothing brand shares our values and our main objective: to give back a place of choice to simple clothing.

Our selection of Fruit of the Loom clothing just for you

Finding quality pieces at a price affordable can be a real challenge for many people. With the Fruit of the Loom brand on WORDANS, don't spend hours looking for the piece to enhance your outfit! In just a few clicks, you will have access to a wide range of products. Available in small quantities but also in large quantities: it's perfect if you've fallen in love with a particular piece of clothing.

Fruit of the Loom t-shirts to accompany you on a daily basis fashion all over the world, t-shirts are at the top of shopping lists. We therefore suggest t-shirts of all kinds: round neck or V-neck, short sleeves, tank tops or long sleeves, cold or warm color, straight or oversize cut… You will necessarily find what you like there. And, if you are looking for a basic piece with a touch of originality, also discover the multicolored t-shirts with inscriptions.

Looking for something a little dressier? No worries, we have what you need too! The Fruit of the Loom brand offers many shirts and polo shirts, for men and women, but also for children and teenagers. Clothing for any occasion

For those who prefer a slightly more streetwear style, at Fruit of the Loom, there are. Whether it's thick and comfortable cotton joggers for the winter, or hoodies for sports sessions, you have a choice. And, for your greatest pleasure, we have many sizes, from XS to 3XL for some of our products.

Thanks to Fruit of the Loom clothing, practice your favorite activities in comfortable and trendy pieces. Very good quality, they are resistant to bad weather and time.