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Select the next women's long-sleeved polo shirt in your wardrobe from the WORDANS collection. Invented in the 1930s by the French tennis player Jean-René Lacoste for men practicing this sport, the polo shirt has been modernized and even feminized over time. Today, there are several women's models of the famous garment for the comfort of ladies on the market. By browsing our collection of long-sleeved polo shirts for women, you will be seduced by the diversity of models and brands, but also by the quality of the clothing.

Modern long-sleeved polo shirts for all styles

Although the polo shirt was originally designed for the personal comfort of its inventor during his tennis matches, it is no longer the prerogative of the latter, nor even that of the world of tennis. Faced with the advantages of the polo shirt, many ladies have adopted it for everyday life. The polo shirt offers many advantages, the main one being flexibility in movement. It is also one of the best candidates if you are looking for a breathable garment.

In their attempts to modernize the traditional polo shirt, brands have developed many women's models that suit all styles. Go for a chic look with a fit polo shirt. It is perfect for a girls' night out and everyday outings. For a retro look, the traditional long-sleeved polo shirt has lost none of its charm.

Worn with a skirt and high socks, it gives you a classic chic look. If you like the sportswear style, you can combine your polo shirt with jogging and a cap.

When it has a shirt collar, the long-sleeved polo shirt is also a good choice for anyone looking for a work.

Quality polo shirts from major brands

Our women's polo shirts with long sleeves come from major brands for better quality. Among them, we find the Belgian brand B&C which is one of the European leaders in the clothing market. On WORDANS you will also find other major brands such as Southpol, Spiro and many others. Patterns and colors for all tastes

For your elegance, WORDANS has thought of everything. To dress you better according to the occasion, we provide you with long-sleeved polo shirts in solid colors. Since color is meaningful, we recommend white, which is a basic to assert a strong personality. It goes well with light blue pants for the office. For the weekend, a combination with blue jeans and a pair of trainers will give you a more relaxed look than ever.

Other equally basic polo colors like black and blue are also available from us. But if you prefer a more vibrant color, you can opt for yellow, pink or orange. You can also choose a polo shirt with stripes to stand out.

If you want your garment to have a personal inscription or motif, you can also do it with those available from us.

Wear a women's long-sleeved polo shirt in your size

Wear a polo shirt at its size is a necessity for an elegant and comfortable look. To allow everyone to be comfortable in their outfit, WORDANS has all the sizes for its polo shirts. Whatever your figure, we promise you the model that flatters you. From tight to oversized, we have polo shirts for everyone. All you have to do is specify the size you are looking for and you will have plenty of proposals.