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The fleece jacket is essential for winter! Thermal performance, style, comfort, we no longer count its characteristics. Cosy, warm and ultra comforting, it will allow you to calmly face the lowest temperatures. Getting through winter will be child's play! The fleece jacket, in addition to being very warm, is also very easy to put on. You can wear it over a T-shirt, a sweatshirt or a sweater. Men's fleeces are often equipped with a full zip. You can also find models that slip on like a sweater and have a zipper just at the collar. The plain fleece jacket can be combined with many different clothes and styles. You will be able to mix outfits while always staying warm. The materials used are specially chosen to be pleasant, comfortable and above all, to protect you from the cold. Everything has been thought out for your comfort! For example, in our selection of men's fleeces, there are some with long pile on the outside, combined with a breathable inner lining, thus ensuring high thermal performance. Others are lighter, made with a fully breathable polyester-based fabric, for guaranteed quick drying. This kind of plain fleece is ideal for athletes, for example. It insulates you from the cold while ensuring good ventilation and great freedom of movement. Performance and comfort guaranteed!

We have selected for you on WORDANS a wide choice of plain men's fleece jackets, with different styles, cuts and materials, ideal for playing sports, going on vacation, walking or just staying warm at home. collection of basic men's fleeces

Equip yourself to calmly face low temperatures! From XS to 6XL, we offer a wide range of sizes for your men's fleeces. Thus, all morphologies can be found there. Among our selection, there are some with a full zip, slipping on like a jacket, and others with a zipper only at the collar, slipping on more like a sweater. It's up to you to choose the fleece jacket that suits you best, depending on your habits and the style you're looking for. Regarding the colors, you also have the choice: black or gray, classics that go with everything; but also red, green or blue for a rather colorful look. Many brands are available on our site, such as Urban Classics, Brandit or Spiro. We have grouped together products that are timeless, basic and plain, which will adapt to all styles. Our goal is to offer you a wide selection of men's fleeces at low prices so that you can find the one that will join your wardrobe this winter.

In terms of cut, are you more of a fitted and fitted cut or a loose and oversized effect? The fitted cuts, specially designed for male morphologies, allow you to highlight and emphasize your silhouette. Oversized style cuts are deliberately oversized, they are very popular in urban fashion for their comfort and style. It's up to you to choose your side!

Style, size, cut, colors... Various choices of affordable fleeces are available on WORDANS, it's up to you to find what you're looking for and equip yourself for cold temperatures!