Buying Bulk? Please ask us for a quote at releases new improved affiliate platform.
April 26, 2013 16:29 is releasing this week its new revived affiliate platform. will allow its community of users to redirect trafic to Wordans in exchange for a return on sales generated, a new, fun and easy way to monetize trafic!

It is this week that the Canadian leading platform for custom t-shirts and accessories will be launching its new affiliate platform. The website created to monetize users' trafic has been revived and redesigned and simplified by Wordans team in order to maximize it's performance. According to Wordans founder and CEO, Eric Gautier, the users will be the first to benefit from this new platform. ''It is a great way for users to monetize trafic from their website or blog'' says Gautier. ''People will also be able to redirect trafic from their Facebook, Twitter or any social media account''. ''You don't need to be super computer savvy to benefit from this affiliate program. That's what makes it great'' adds Denis Fabien, the head behind the new affiliate tool.

The new platform has been simplified and the design has been revisited in hopes of making it more user friendly. The development team also included a feature to allow users to monetize trafic from their social media platform. Wordans is also proud to announce that the platform will be available in 2 languages to begin with and accessible from accross the world. ''Being an International platform, we had to allow every single of our users to benefit our platform.'' commented Gautier.

About Wordans is an online retailer of custom apparel and accessories headquartered in Montreal, Canada. The company offers a range of products that includes custom t-shirts and apparel, wall decals, Iphone cases, posters and stickers. Wordans also offers an e-commerce platform for designers, a wide database of designs for customization and now added an affiliate program. The company created in 2009 currently ships in more than 30 countries and has 8 production facilities worldwide.