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Buy wholesale t shirt for men

Wholesale T-Shirts for men are available in a wide variety of styles and materials. You can outfit a sport team, create a corporate image or uniform, and buy blank T-shirts in bulk or individually for your entire family. Wordans has nearly 100 types of wholesale T-shirts for men, including styles like camo, tie-dye, v-neck, Triblend, sleeveless, pocket, ringer, scoop neck, long sleeves, and short sleeves.

Camo T-shirts for men can be a hit with a bachelor party activity or family camping trip. If it is warm, a short-sleeved T-shirt will be just the thing to keep the sun away and stay cool. V-neck blank T-shirts in bulk are good for semi-casual work days; a nice v-neck under a blazer can help you bring on the weekend at work. For jobs where men need a uniform look, what works better than buying in bulk - save time coordinating colours every day and save money too! A pocket T-shirt gives extra function on the job and a place to leave your pencil or measuring tape.

Triblend T-shirts for men are made from a mixture of bamboo, cotton, and polyester. Try something different, in long sleeve or even sleeveless. What makes bamboo a desirable fabric includes its softness, giving the wearer a smooth and silky product. It is great for allergy prone skin, and offers anti-bacterial properties as well as UV protection and moisture wicking. Triblend is an excellent material for very hot days as well as sports. Buy a blank Triblend in bulk and your sports team or gym club can benefit from lower price and quality products. You can leave it blank or have it personalized with ease.